The Hendon System of Vehicle Control

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The now standardised System of Vehicle Control originated from the Hendon UK police academy in 1936 and is still regarded by many as the most effective system for modern drivers. Below is an example of the System in use when approaching a T-intersection and turning right.

It’s a drill, each step of which is to be considered (in sequence) by the driver, at the approach to any hazard.
A hazard is anything dangerous or potentially dangerous that a driver may encounter (e.g. a roundabout, speed bump, overtaking manoeuvre, intersection, accident scene, sharp bend etc) – in short, anything which would or could interrupt your progress.

By correct application of the system, the vehicle will always be:

  • in the RIGHT PLACE on the road, travelling at the RIGHT SPEED, and with the RIGHT GEAR engaged.
Hendon System

Hendon System


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