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I have to indicate right when I enter a roundabout unless I am turning left.

You must indicate right on entering the roundabout if you are turning right or performing a u-turn but NOT if you are travelling straight ahead.
Many motorists are unsure about who gives way and when to indicate. If this is you then read on …

Who gives way?
A vehicle approaching a roundabout must give way to all vehicles already on the roundabout.

What lane do I use?
Unless lane arrows indicate otherwise:
• To turn left, use the left lane.
• To turn right (or perform a u-turn), use the right lane.
• To go straight ahead, use either lane.

When do I need to indicate?

• To turn left (exit less than half way round) – indicate left as you enter the roundabout and continue to indicate left until you have exited.
• To turn right or perform a u-turn (exit more than half way round) – indicate right as you enter the roundabout and just prior to exiting, indicate left.
• To go straight ahead – there is no need to indicate until you are exiting the roundabout – indicate left just prior to exiting as you would with all other exits.

The diagrams below may assist, or have a look at the animated graphic of three vehicles negotiating a roundabout, the red car going straight ahead, the green car turning right, and the yellow car turning left.


click on the graphic for animated display


roundabouts - left turn

roundabouts – left turn

roundabouts - straight ahead

roundabouts – straight ahead

roundabouts - right, or u-turn

roundabouts – right, or u-turn


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