Hopefully, I’m Doing Something Right

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I’m somewhat embarrassed to be writing this, but I also feel the need to pay heed to the sentiments of my students. Those of you who have gone driving with me will know how I operate. I enjoy going driving with you all. I do what I do, at the age of 58 years, because  I enjoy it. It’s only taken me 42 years in the work-a-day world to discover that what I really get a kick out of is teaching people to do something that I know how to do. Drive, and not just move a vehicle around on our roads, but really DRIVE. Safely, hazard free and defensively.

Today, after coaching, mentoring and advising a young lady who was struggling with her own sense of self-confidence on the road, struggling with family reticence from a cultural perspective toward aiding a daughter over a son in achieving something she so badly wanted, the young lady in question successfully passed her Practical Driving Assessment. She can now proudly display 120px-Hk_P-plate.svgfront and back of any vehicle she chooses to drive, on her own. She is now a free agent. Free to come and go as she pleases, at one with her peers. One very, very happy young lady.

Also – and here’s where it gets embarrassing – very grateful to your’s truly. Not only did she happily pay me $155.00 for the 2 hours it takes to run a Lesson-and-Test for a client, but even before she departed on her test, she gave me a box of chocolates as a personal “thank you”. I don’t teach people to drive for the gifts, far from it. But…..WOW…..what a buzz it is to have one’s efforts recognised on such a personal level. Thank you Sony, the thoughts mean so very much. I’ll try not to eat too many at once. IMG_20160414_1933183D_emoticon_185

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