Horses, and Water

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My day has ended with two failed tests, primarily because both candidates – that’s what the Qld Department of Transport and Main Roads calls you – were not ready for their test. Neither one consulted me as to their readiness, and it became blatantly obvious in the hour before each test that neither was adequately prepared.

Both know how to move the machine around on the road, but neither is confident enough, aware enough, or observant enough for the road alone. Had they both asked me for my opinion of their skill level, I’d have quite gladly shown them where their deficiencies lay, what to focus upon and what practice they needed, particularly in regard to reversing manoeuvres.

I’ve written here before today about what a Driving Examiner expects to see from you on the day, I make those posts freely available to all who actually choose to read the links I give them, but I know all too well, that no-one reads this tome. Why? Because they all know how to drive, just ask them, they’ll tell you so.

This post from some time back, and this post both deal with the intricacies of test day processes. Both took a lot of time and effort to create and BOTH are provided to new clients the very first time I meet them, along with several other internet links to videos regarding basic manoeuvres, the Driving Examiner Assessment Procedures Manual and the Department’s online training video library, but as I say…..I KNOW no-one bothers to do a little reading. It’s an email, a thoroughly researched and highly detailed email. All candidates need to do is read the email, click on the links, and read the information.

Passing a Practical Driving Assessment is very simple, IF, and only IF, you are adequately prepared. My professional services include asking me whether I think you’re ready for the road on your own. I will be brutally honest in my response because neither I nor the Department want you out on the road, if you’re not ready to be there.

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