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Since our prices are all pretty much based on each clients individual requirements having a scale of charges seems a little redundant.

However, we do base everything on EasyAs Driver Training packages, as we’re affiliated with them.  Our standard lesson is $65.

As the government sponsored scheme – Keys2Drive is no longer approving new trainers we haven’t been able to take part in that scheme, but we do hope that we can offer you a package that is just as enticing.  We can’t offer you “3 for $99” – this is actually designed so that the first two lessons are charged at $49.50 and the third lesson – which is free to the student – is reimbursed by the scheme at $75 originally, now reduced to $60. We can offer you “3 for $150” – one of the EasyAs packages, or we can offer you “5 for 295”, which  you might think sounds more expensive.  Not the case, however, since the 3 for $150 would then be followed by $65 lessons, but our 5 for $295 is then continued with all of your subsequent hour long lessons charged at the discounted rate of $60.

None of this is set in stone though. So talk to us. I’m sure we’ll be able to satisfy your needs.  You may be already at the point where you’re ready to go for your license, and don’t need that many lessons.  Have one with us, get to know Neil, and see if he’s the guy you want to take you to your test.  We think our many happy clients would tell you that he is!

See our Pricing page for more info!


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