Things You Should NOT Do

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I captured this on carcam. It’s a classic example of the sheer ignorance, or willfulness….or perhaps even laziness, of other drivers on the roads. There is NO signage at this intersection permitting U-Turns, yet the driver in question did one anyway. Was it hazardous? At the time – 8:05am on ANZAC Day with very few other vehicles on the road – probably not. That aside, the driver clearly contravened the Queensland Traffic Act which states that U-Turns at controlled intersections are forbidden, unless otherwise permitted by specific signage. Here’s a brief written by a police office further clarifying this rule. Finally, if you really want to know more, refer to Page 44 of the Transport Operations (Road Use Management—Road Rules) Regulation 2009, linked to here.

You can’t do it, it’s dangerous, and if you’re caught doing it you’ll be fined $91 and lose 2 demerit points. The message is clear.

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