The ‘Right-of-Way’ Rule

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I’m finding lately that very few drivers, learners and experienced drivers alike, have very little understanding of the ‘Right-of-Way’ rule.This morning at Wynnum, I had a learner fail to pass their Practical Driving Assessment due to poor judgement in giving way. Put simply, if you are turning right at any time, you are crossing a traffic stream, therefore you have NO Right-of-Way. The ‘through’ traffic has Right-of-Way. Here’s a video I captured on the dash cam just this morning which shows clearly the driver travelling in the opposite direction to me does not understand the rule. I’m turning right at an intersection which has traffic lights, but which were not functioning due to storm damage. I have NO Right-of-Way.

There is an excellent and detailed description of the ‘rights’ and ‘wrongs’ of the Give Way rule on the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads website. I STRONGLY urge anyone currently driving under a P1, P2 or Open licence to visit the page and bone up on a very basic rule of the road that everyone should be aware of.

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