Rare Occurrences

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When I first started out as a Driving Instructor, I was of the opinion, due to human nature, that a ’10-out-of-10′ faultless practical driving test simply didn’t occur. This week, I was proven wrong, and I’m overjoyed to be so. The student concerned, a young lady of 25 or 26 years, took her practical driving test at the Logan Customer Service Centre, just south of Brisbane. The general Logan region is quite busy, very compact as a commercial district, with some very narrow suburban streets. It also contains what I regard as THE most adversarial railway crossing on the south side of Brisbane. I’ve written here about it previously.

A perfect 100% test pass has no critical remarks, no Non-Critical Driving Errors (NCDE). Here is a copy of the assessment sheet in question below. I’ll miss driving with this student, as she was/is a very skilled driver. Now she’s out on her own with the freedom to come and go that only a driver’s license can provide.

The Perfect Test

The Perfect Test

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