Practical Driving Assessment

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ARGENTABy dint of complete forgetfulness, I captured an entire practical driving assessment today on the dashcam. I’m supposed to unplug the thing before a test commences, but totally forgot. I also left the heads-up display running, so I guess it’s Quid Pro Quo as far as the examiner in the car was concerned. I’m not supposed to leave the cam running, but the HUD gives him/her a very clear view of digital speed from the passenger’s side.

If you’re in Brisbane and have children approaching driving age or even children about to undertake their practical assessment, then this video might prove invaluable to them. The test was unsuccessful. I’d wager even some of you advanced drivers, with licenses, won’t pick up where the test failed. Anyone interested in viewing the video should contact me via Facebook, Google Plus or comment below and request the link. I’m not making it public domain for obvious reasons

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