Oh, The Frustration

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As your driving instructor, I can take you to your Practical Driving Assessment, I can run you through a mock test scenario in the weeks, days or hours beforehand. I can point out to you the elements of a Practical Driving Assessment that you need to be aware of, BUT, it’s up to you, the driver, to be exactly that. A *DRIVER* and adhere to all of the necessary road & traffic rules by showing your Driving Examiner that you know moving a car in reverse on the road is hazardous. By stopping at stop line marked intersections, by reading all of the speed zone signage and adhering to those speed limits. If you fail to show a DE what they want to see, they will NOT pass you. They will NOT sign off on your license. As a driving instructor, I can only instruct, I cannot be there to prompt you. That is YOUR responsibility as a driver.
There is a plethora of documentary assistance available to you as a learner. Use that information. Use the Q-Safe Manual. Read the legislation which is available in the form of the publication put out by the Department for Transport and Main Roads called “Your Keys To Driving In Queensland” and above all else, listen to people like me whose job it is to be professional instructors, and practice what we show you. We can’t take your test for you and neither do we want to. Driving on the roads is a privilege, not a right. You need to earn that privilege by becoming a driver. Be prepared to make decisions based on your knowledge of any given situation. If you are unsure of what to do in any given situation, don’t attempt inappropriate action, but ask for the guidance of your supervisor or instructor. Everyone who currently holds a driver’s license has had to learn how to do what they seem to take for granted, and that learning is often arduous, frustrating and difficult. Nothing you want to achieve in life is easy. You need to work for it and driving is no different.

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