Left Turn On Red

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Here’s something relatively new – it’s been on trial in Queensland in selected areas for two years now – which all new drivers, as well as existing drivers, should be made aware of.left-turn-on-red-300x198Section 59 of Transport Operations (Road Use Management—Road Rules) Regulation 2009 – otherwise known colloquially as “The Traffic Act” states:

Proceeding through a red traffic light

  1. If traffic lights at an intersection, bicycle crossing or marked foot crossing are showing a red traffic light, a driver facing the red traffic light must not enter the intersection, bicycle crossing or marked foot crossing. Maximum penalty—20 penalty units.
  2. However, if the traffic lights are at an intersection with a left turn on red after stopping sign and the driver is turning left at the intersection, the driver may turn left before the traffic lights change to green or flashing yellow.

The ruling means, in simple terms, that if you’re turning left, the intersection can be treated as a ‘turn left anytime with care’ intersection. Drivers turning left at a red light so marked with signage must give way to all approaching traffic from the right, including pedestrians and bicycles. Currently the ‘Left Turn On Red’ rollout covers multiple intersections throughout Brisbane and some Gold Coast locations. ‘Left Turn On Red’ is not currently on trial in Redlands Shire, Logan City or Moreton Shire. For a full brief of what ‘Left Turn On Red’ means slip over to this Brisbane City Council site where a thorough explanatory video is available.

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