Kudos Where It’s Due

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I want to pay some special attention to a very special young lady, whose company I will genuinely miss when she succeeds in her practical driving assessment in 2 day’s time. The video below shows the actions of the female driver of the Subaru Liberty, NSW registration CVJ-46K. The very rash, dangerous actions which placed Jasmine and myself, not to mention several other vehicles, in immediate danger of collision this afternoon. Jasmine actually beat me to the brake pedal in the avoidance action she took, which tells me she was reading the action just those few milliseconds better than I was. Jas is 17 and a very good driver. I call her my duck-on-the-pond, because she gives every impression of being so confident and competent, calm and collected, yet I know her senses are at a heightened level when she’s behind the wheel. Jas suffers a little from performance anxiety, which means she hates tests. She’s been unsuccessful in her initial driving assessment, purely because she was flustered by some lane markings she’d not seen before, and mistakenly crossed lanes entering a roundabout. That won’t happen again, because we’ve spoken at length about it. On that day, she’d been out with the Driving Examiner for 30 minutes, and was on her way back to the testing centre when the roundabout glitch occurred. For my money, any young lady who can read traffic like she did today, react and maintain her cool throughout, deserves her license. Well done, Jas, you rate very highly in my books. Here’s to Friday!

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