A Sombre Reminder

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I came across this article today, which is entirely relevant to the art of driving, in particular, learning to drive and being instructed professionally.

A boy, 3, understood to be playing with his twin brother at units at Thorneside, has died after being accidentally struck by a reversing vehicle.

The driver of the car was a learner driverPolice said he was 16 and was taken to hospital where he was treated for shock. Police said they received a call about an incident at 3.35pm on Saturday.

Officers and paramedics went to a unit complex on Thorneside Road. Police said the three-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene.

This is precisely why you should never….NEVER….reverse a motor vehicle without looking behind you, physically turning and constantly looking around you as the vehicle moves. Out the back window, side glass, side mirrors, etcetera. NEVER rely on the single interior mirror, NEVER move quickly and where you know there may be other people around – shopping centre carparks are a prime example – keep your eyes moving. NEVER rely on sensor technology or reversing cameras. Such technology cannot compensate for the erratic behaviour of a human being.

Above all else, get professional tuition if you’re learning to drive. People like me have been trained by other professionals in the art and skills required to ensure that if you apply what we teach you, incidents like this one will not occur.

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