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  1. Hi

    I’m interested in my son taking lessons. He’s 27 years old and hasn’t driven before and is looking to fast track into a car. Automatic’s only.

    What should we expect from the courses?
    On average how many 1hr lessons could it take to pass?
    How long does it take for him to be in control of your car in your lessons?

    He has had 4 lessons with another provider and he is still yet to drive the car so, I’d like to make enquiries and question expectations as I am surprised he has not taken control of the car after 4 hours of lessons.

    Thank you

    • Every single human being is unique in their ability to learn. If your son is 27 years of age and never driven a vehicle, my first question would be “why not?”. Clearly something is holding him back, Anxiety comes to mind. Does he have learning difficulties?
      What should you expect? Hands-on, one-one-one tuition, in a vehicle. Any first timers I have will steer my vehicle first time out. Any registered driver training vehicle will be fitted with dual controls, dual pedals. I drive, they steer after I have displayed the two recognised steering techniques. I usually avoid roads and traffic where possible, using a large, unoccupied car park I have access to. Once I am happy with the steering, I introduce the pedals, explaining where the right foot should be placed, how to pivot on the heel from accelerator to brake. Patience is key, as is a quick mind, eye, foot and hand. A good trainer should be able to take control of the vehicle from the passenger seat, steer it and generally stay out of trouble.
      How many 1 hour sessions should it take to pass? Have a read again of my first sentence. There is no hard and fast ‘time’ or number of “lessons” an individual needs to undertake. Success comes from continual practice, knowledge and understanding of road rules, intimate understanding of the vehicle, respect for the vehicle and what it can and can’t do, understanding and acceptance of how ones eyes function, how to actively use them, how to ‘scan-and-observe’ the world around the individual and above all else, trust no other driver on the road. In the jurisdiction I operate within, any learner of your son’s age, at the very least, must hold a learner licence for a minimum of 12 months before undertaking a Practical Driving Assessment. That is the base requirement for ALL new drivers.

      Be aware that just because you can drive, doesn’t mean your son has the same capabilities. Time – in some cases, a LOT of time – and patience is the only answer. Persistence, reiteration of basics, repetition after repetition. On today’s roads, less than 10% of so-called drivers can actually drive. Most are adept at moving a machine on the road. Most follow other vehicles far too closely, do not take into account road and traffic conditions, density, time of day, even day of the week.

      As an aside…..4 sessions with a driver trainer and your son is yet to sit behind the wheel and be allowed to move the car???? I’d be ditching that provider.

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