The Basic Manoeuvres

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There are several “basic manoeuvres” which form part and parcel of the QSAFE Practical Driving Assessment.  driving-lessons-reverse-parkThe “basic manoeuvres” consist of:

  • U-Turns – at a right-hand T intersection; a standard T intersection; a crossroad; and a standard U turn in a cul-de-sac or general open space;
  • The Turnaround Manoeuvre – formerly known as a 3 Point Turn;
  • Reversing Exercise or Straight Reverse;
  • A Parallel Reverse Park; and
  • Hill Starts

The following are a set of videos designed to help new drivers understand how to perform the basic manoeuvres.


Turnaround Manoeuvre or 3 Point U Turn

Reversing Exercise or Straight Reverse

Parallel Reverse Park

Hill Starts

These videos all conform to the QSAFE Basic Manoeuvre requirements. Make sure you view them as well as practice your manoeuvres.

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